by Pandemic

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this is rapid city's pandemics firs ep recorded in a basement in Sturgis south Dakota,


released June 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Pandemic Rapid City, South Dakota

Pandemic is a medical themed horror/gore metal group out of rapid city south Dakota, we weave tumultuous tales of terror based on medical scares and anomalies as well as the horrors of the black market surgery world! vocals and guitar are done by dr. rex napalm, bass by jim larouche and drums by Brandon mc-fear-son ... more

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Track Name: purveyor of flesh
purveyor of flesh
instigation of pain
the mask and the apron, all bear the stain
visceral collection
decisive dissection
midlife resurrection
dark insurrection
ischemic preservation, for extra renal alterations
reperfusion pharmacology, acutely rejected hyperbolic psychology
seedy and hated, victims ill fated
salable materials
removed while sedated,
ruthless and cold, your giblets are sold
indiscriminate client basis
pool never ending the victims are faceless
Track Name: something rotten
innards are splattered all over the wall
the undead are out and having a ball
ripping and tearing the flesh of the living
bloodlust is all about receiving and giving
this is it
your death
choking on vomit you take your last breath
something rotten is in the air
your brain turns to mush as you forget to care
taste the blood
of your friends
your unlife begins as your living one ends
tearing and grinding
and ripping and binding
ingesting the skin of those that you are finding
fermenting fleshy bits in the lye
gurgling nonsense all through bloodied cries
Track Name: dammit jim im a doctor!
how could you do this you worthless fat gob
I thought that you said you could fucking do the job
insults and criticisms directed towards me
will do nothing to help he situation cant you see

voodoo and chanting and ancient decrees
will do nothing to stop the spread of disease
torture and fire will not help at all
without scary needles the patient will fall

as a show of goodwill I brought you some bacon
if you think that makes up for yelling at me youre sadly mistaken
how cant you see I do the best that I can
this monster you gave me is no longer a man


never ever trifle with the medical arts,
morphine and needles and stolen body parts
blood guts and visceral ooze
all make it easy to deliver the news
Track Name: digestion dissection
slicing open the ribcage
engorge upon the feast
bloody and painful experiments
labored breath release

cracking open the skull
exposing your brain
appalling vivisection
victim far from slain

rotted embryonic
corpses fill the well
entrails strewn across the floor
found in the surgical hell

sewing the fabric of death
patched together from human flesh
quenching the thirst of the ghouls
eaten long after its fresh

splattering fluorescent tiles
gray matter and human tissues
bloody and painful experiments
suffer awake through extreme abuse


fetuses hanging from coat hooks
forced ingestion of glass
ripping the stomachs of humans
unconsciousness will not come to pass

wide awake operations
limbs are torn from frame
forced subluxations
helpless, you they mame